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EBuffalo, NY Uncontested Divorcevery divorce shares the same central issues. First, the property must be divided between the two parties, as well as any debt they share as a couple. Child custody issues, including who will be the primary caregiver and the guidelines for visitation. And finally, the two parties must come to an agreement regarding any spousal or child support. Sometimes, these issues are complicated financial matters that require the assistance of a legal team. In other cases, the two parties are able to come to a mutual agreement on these crucial issues.

If you and your spouse are able to come to a mutual agreement regarding the major issues of a divorce, Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo is ready to help. We offer a less expensive option for divorce that will eliminate some of the pain of the situation.

You may be able to avoid the painful process of a classic contested divorce if you can agree on how to fairly split your money, possessions, and your time with your children. If you and your spouse can come to a resolution on the terms of your divorce, you should consider an uncontested divorce. There are advantages to choosing this alternative, including getting through the court system more quickly and paying less than traditional contested divorces.

The Importance of Having a Divorce Mediator in Buffalo

If you and your spouse can agree on how to divide your shared debt and possessions, spousal and child support, and shared parenting, an uncontested divorce could be the perfect answer. Often, instead of lawyers, the two parties have a mediator that helps them come to a property and custody agreement. This keeps the costs for the divorce lower and helps the process move faster. It also helps both parties and their loved ones avoid some of the emotional turmoil that often goes along with traditional divorce.

In the state of New York, you and your spouse are not required to hire lawyers to obtain a divorce. The two of you can file an action without a lawyer's assistance. But it is important to protect your fair portion of the marital assets. Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo can help you protect your assets and make sure you and your spouse come to terms that will work for both of you.

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