Cheektowaga, NY Divorce Mediation

Cheektowaga, NY Divorce Mediator

Whether you've been married for a few months, a few years, or for decades, the end of your marriage can bring on a flood of emotions - perhaps you're angry at your spouse, sad that your family is being split up, or even fearful that the legal process will cause a tremendous strain on your finances and your health.

Here at Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo, we're committed to helping people in Cheektowaga, NY achieve a fast, fair, and peaceful resolution to the complex issues they're facing with our professional, affordable divorce mediation services.

Avoid The High Cost of Court Proceedings

In the past, divorce used to be a difficult, expensive process that could take months, or even years. Worse yet, the state courts had the sole power to decide what should happen to your joint assets, support payments, and even who would have custody of your children.

Thankfully, divorce mediation is now available for anyone who wants to avoid the high cost, stress, and conflict that comes with an ugly court battle. Better yet, when you choose the divorce mediation process, you'll be protected against court-mandated decisions that are often unreasonable and exceptionally difficult to get revised.

How Our Divorce Mediator Can Help

Our skilled divorce mediator works with both you and your spouse, acting as a neutral third party who's job it is to help both parties come to an agreement regarding alimony payments, asset distribution, child custody, and child support.

During the divorce mediation process, both you and your soon-to-be ex will have a chance to express your concerns, work out what happens to your marital home, and decide what's fair and reasonable for everyone. Once all the issues are discussed, our divorce mediator will draft an agreement that summarizes what everyone has agreed to known as a Memorandum of Understanding - this document, along with your divorce papers, can then be prepared and filed in court as a simple. non-contested divorce.

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