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When a couple decides to divorce, both parties are often eager to get through the process and to start their new lives. A divorce can be a messy and expensive process, and it often drags on for months longer than it needs to. Once way to avoid this issue is to meet with a family mediator instead of paying for months of meetings with lawyers.

Family Mediator Services

When meeting in mediation, both parties are encouraged to discuss what they want from the divorce proceedings. They often are encouraged to talk to each other and to use the family mediator as a guide who helps them to keep the conversation going. When each party discusses the issued with each other, they can often work out compromises on how the finances will be divided, the sale of mutual assets and other important issues in the divorce.

Saving Your Assets with a Family Mediator in Grand Island, NY

Many people who have gone through a lengthy divorce lament that by the time the lawyers got paid for their work, there was too little left for each of the parties to split. Family mediation intends to help prevent these fees by helping the parties to talk to each other rather than speaking through two lawyers. With fewer lawyer fees to pay, more will be left for the divorcing couple to split as they see fit.

Setting an Example with Family Mediation Services

For couples with children, family mediation is often a better example to set than fighting with attorneys. When parents are willing to talk to each other and reach compromises about assets and child custody, it encourages a larger dialogue, and it keeps the parents better willing to speak to each other later. It also teaches the children that talking and compromising is a better way to handle disputes than fighting.

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Every member of the family benefits from family mediation. And with the expert services of a mediator, you can calmly discuss the settlements you want in a safe, third-party environment. If you're in the Grand Island, NY area, contact Divorce Mediation of Buffalo today.


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