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Here at Divorce Mediadtion of Buffalo, we understand how important it is to recieve family law services. Not only it can be stressful and overwhelming, but often hard to know where to start, what to look for, and what to expect when going into a difficult legal process. That is why we have curated one place for superior Family Law Services in Buffalo, NY. We offer extensive mediation services, from mediating separations to alimony and parenting plans. Our family law practice is ready to supply you with professional lawyers and helpful mediation so that you and your family can come to successful solutions without the need for litigation.

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Family Law is an area of legal practice that is dedicated to family relationships. Subjects like adaptation, separation, alimony, marriage, divorce and child custody are all things that fall under the umbrella of family law. Similarly, family mediation is a route within family law where legal matters can be handled outside of court. Our services are kept confidential, private and requires less time to come to an agreement..  Mediation is a voluntary process where both partners come to agreements on their own with the help of a neutral third party. When an agreement has been reached the mediator will create a Memorandum of Understanding so that both parties understand the agreement. A solution can be found through joint sessions or separate caucuses but in the end, both parties should see the agreement clearly.

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With Divorce Mediation of Buffalo, you'll be able to stop wasting time and money to come to a fair agreement. We offer a sense of control and compassion while going through this difficult process and we are prepared to act as a professional, unbiased legal third-party for comprehensive mediation. If you have any questions or simply would like to learn more about our family law practice, then feel free to contact us here.


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Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo LLC. Is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or counsel. Each party has been encouraged to be fully advised by their respective counsel regarding the legal, financial, and practical effect of any agreement entered into.