Lancaster, NY Divorce Mediation

Lancaster, NY Divorce Mediator

If you're dealing with a breakdown in your marriage, our Lancaster, NY divorce mediator can help make this difficult time easier for you and your family.

Our professional divorce mediation services are a cost-effective alternative to lengthy court proceedings that can last years, leading to unnecessary expenses and conflict between you and your spouse.

Avoid Costly Court Battles

Before divorce mediation was an option in Lancaster, NY, getting a divorce was a hostile, stressful process that made the state courts responsible for deciding what would happen to your joint assets, and your children.

Although the courts try to provide all litigants with fair settlements, the fact is that divorce trials often result in court mandated decisions that leave everyone feeling hurt, bitter, and angry.

Take Control of Your Future

Thankfully, couples can now take control of their future by choosing to work with a divorce mediator.

Unlike with a divorce trial where both spouses need to retain their own lawyer, divorce mediation involves hiring a professional divorce mediator who acts as a neutral third party to help address critical issues like division of joint assets, care and custody of your children, alimony payments, and even plans for your family pets.

 Divorce Agreements

Once all of your marital issues have been reviewed, our experienced divorce mediator will compile a non-binding agreement that details exactly what you and your spouse have agreed to during the divorce mediation process.

This document is known as a Memorandum of Understanding, that is then turned into a property settlement agreement by separate legal counsel and it can be filed in court. this process takes a fraction of the time it takes to obtain a divorce through a trial. In many cases, we're able to help our clients reach an agreement in as little as a few sessions.

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