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In some ways family law is simpler than other types of law. But in one way, it is a lot more complicated. Family law almost always involves extreme emotions between parties that are related. When those extreme emotions become entangled with the law, it can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved. One great way to reduce the stress is to use family mediation in place of litigation. In the Lockport, NY area, there is no better choice of a family mediator than Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo.

Family Mediation Services Offered

Divorces involve more than just formally ending a marriage. When you dissolve a marriage, you also need to allocate assets, change power of attorney rights, change wills, and determine custody for children or other dependent family members. Conveniently, Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo offers all of the following family mediation services and more:

  • Legal Separation - Mediators can help determine temporary asset severance and allocation during a separation
  • Child Custody - Our family mediators will determine what is best for the child in terms of parental custody and parental access for the non-custodial parent if custody isn't shared
  • Child Support - Child support agreements will ensure your child is protected financially, both immediately during the divorce process, and in the long term, with agreements that take into account all stages of the child's future
  • Financial Maintenance - Mediation can determine a fair annual maintenance that prevent unfair financial ramifications from a divorce
  • Equitable Distribution - Our family mediators are experts at assessing the true market value of all assets and determining a fully equitable distribution
  • Uncontested Divorce - If a divorce isn't contested, it can be completed quickly, for the benefit of both parties

Save Money with Family  Mediation

One of the primary benefits of mediation is that it is inexpensive compared to divorce through the courts. In New York, the average cost for a litigated divorce is over $20,000. In comparison, a mediated divorce with Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo always costs exactly $2500.

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