Clarence, NY Uncontested Divorce

Clarence, NY Uncontested Divorce
Clarence, NY Uncontested Divorce

For many, marriage is meant to be a lifetime endeavor. However, due to irreconcilable differences, a marriage may have to come to an end. A divorce, unlike common belief, doesn't have to be a messy and distasteful affair. It can be a simple, quiet, and cheap divorce where both you and the other party end the marriage with dignity and in a civil manner. Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo can help you navigate your uncontested divorce in Clarence with grace and dignity for all parties involved. 

Eligibility for an Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is for a couple without any remaining disagreements on major divorce issues. Such issues include child support, child custody, spousal support, and debt and property division. It begins with one party filing for divorce, and if the other party doesn't contest it or fails to show up, then the court can grant the uncontested divorce.

The paperwork for this type of divorce is more streamlined. The child and property custody details are filed alongside a statement of the grounds for divorce.

How does uncontested divorce work?

First, you prepare documents to commence the divorce. These documents include a petition for a divorce, financial affidavits for each spouse, reports to prove both parties are aware of and participating in the case, a settlement agreement, and a suggested judgment.

You may opt to do this yourself, with the assistance of a mediator or an uncontested divorce lawyer. Once both parties are satisfied with the divorce papers, you sign and file them. You may or may not be required to attend a hearing with your spouse to swear that all data in the divorce paperwork is true and correct and that none of you was coerced into signing it.

Choosing An Uncontested Divorce In Buffalo

  • It's a means to a cheap divorce settlement. Uncontested divorce minimizes the cost as it involves fewer litigation costs, and the attorney bills are low as well.
  • It's a quick way to get a divorce. Since the divorce isn't contested, it takes a shorter time to agree on a favorable settlement for both you and your spouse.
  • It reduces the amount of conflict between you and your spouse. Involving a mediator allows you and your spouse to smooth out any disagreements and reduces opportunities for conflicts to arise.
  • Privacy. In uncontested divorces, less information is filed with the court; therefore, less information goes into public records.

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Divorce can be a traumatic experience for both parties involved. Uncontested divorce offers an opportunity for a friendly, private, and cheap divorce in the Clarence, NY area and beyond. Contact Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo to schedule a free consultation.


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