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Family Mediation Services in East Amherst, NYMarriage is the celebration of two people coming together to create an exclusive and formal bond. Unfortunately within a marriage, it also only takes one of the partners to cast his/her vote, in order to disband this delicate union. When that vote is cast, both parties must then navigate through a complicated, expensive and many times painful process in order to dissolve the partnership.

Simplifying the Divorce Process

Pursuing a formal adjudication through the court system is many times a costly and time-consuming option that can leave both parties frustrated and resentful. It is proper to note here that taking this route will involve the employment of expensive lawyers with knowledge of divorce law as well as a court system that moves very slow.

Don't go through lawyers and the court system to anul your marriage; there is a better way. In East Amherst, NY, couples contemplating a divorce can turn to Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo. Our friendly and professional staff can provide couples with a divorce mediator to negotiate a cheaper and faster, non-judicial way to end your marriage, without the use of costly attorneys, or slow-moving courts.

Family Mediation

Couples can come together before an impartial divorce mediator, without lawyers or judges and complete a peaceful and amicable resolution of their differences. When children are involved, it becomes recognized as family mediation. Determining the custody arrangement of your kids is yet another stressful element to the divorce process, but with the help of our family mediation services, we can help you negotiate a fair agreement between you and your spouse.

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If you are in the unfortunate situation in which your marital partnership is near an end, start with Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo. Let us provide you with a divorce mediator to help you calmly negotiate a fair and balanced resolution to your marriage. Call (716) 400-7286 or contact us on the web for more information on divorce and family mediation, or to make an appointment.


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