East Amherst, NY Legal Separation

East Amherst, NY Legal SeparationThe breakup of the family is one of the most heartbreaking events to endure. Trying to handle it all on your own can be too stressful and painful. Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo can help you work through the legal separation process quickly.

What Is Legal Separation?

When a married couple wishes to end their relationship, they can file for a legal separation. Each spouse must uphold the specifications of separation agreement. It does not dissolve the marriage, as divorce does, but it is a valuable first step in any divorce process.

A legal separation can be obtained in one of two ways. You can submit a written agreement signed by both spouses, or you can go through the court and ask for a judgement for separation. If you go through the court system, there are significant litigation fees that you will face.

Do You Really Need to File for Legal Separation?

While it does not bring the marriage to an end, your separation agreement could help you in many ways.

It establishes regulations and rights of each spouse during the separation. This includes important issues like child custody, visitation schedule, division of assets, and establishes child and spousal support.

In the state of New York, a legal separation is officially considered grounds for divorce after one year. The divorce decree will move much more quickly through the court system, since the separation agreement laid the groundwork on the crucial issues.

Serving Clients in East Amherst NY and Beyond

Legal separation can help a couple determine any problems they have when drawing up the separation agreement. This is the time to consider the compromises you are willing to make in regard to issues like child custody and support, spousal support, visitation, and property division.

Finding help with your separation agreement in East Amherst, NY is as simple as contacting Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo. When you work with a divorce mediator, you can avoid the costly litigation fees of going through the court system. Contact the professionals at Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo for more information on their confidential legal separation services.


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