Kenmore, NY Legal Separation

The Important Details of Legal Separation

Kenmore, NY Legal SeparationGoing through a divorce is possibly on of the most traumatic experiences facing a married couple and their family. Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo understands and will explain all the details surrounding the legal separation process with both you and your spouse.

How Does a Legal Separation Differ from a Divorce?

A legal separation is a formal document that establishes the rights and responsibilities, including child custody and visitation schedule, spousal and child support, and division of assets. When a couple is legally separated, they are under a court order that sets the terms of separation. You can get a legal separation by written agreement from both spouses or by going through the court system and requesting a judgement for separation.

A legal separation is like a prelude to divorce proceedings and does not end the marriage. If it comes before a divorce, it provides an outline for the divorce decree. Because of its vital role in a potential divorce, it is crucial to make sure you find the separation agreement agreeable.

What Should Be Included in the Separation Agreement?

Since this document will stand as the foundation for any future divorce decrees, you should make sure that it includes instructions for any crucial marital issues. Details about child custody and visitation schedules should be included in a good separation agreement. Also, it is important to use exact amounts when it comes to establishing child support and spousal support payments. These amounts are usually calculated using a formula for each separate state.

If you are considering a legal separation in Kenmore, NY, you should know that in New York, after one year, a legal separation is recognized as the foundation for divorce. This helps the court system to hurry the divorce process.

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