Affordable Uncontested Divorce in Kenmore, NY - Avoid Expensive Lawyers

Affordable Uncontested Divorce Kenmore, NY

Stressed by the thought of an expensive and complicated divorce? Breathe a sigh of relief. In Kenmore, NY, you can opt for an affordable alternative to traditional divorce - an uncontested divorce. Focusing on agreement and cooperation, this method can save you from draining your finances and prolonging emotional distress. Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo are here to assist you, making the process easier and more affordable.

An Economical Solution to Ending a Marriage

Nobody wishes to ponder the end of a marriage, but the reality is that roughly 50% of all American marriages end in divorce. This usually comes with a hefty financial burden. However, with our affordable uncontested divorce service, you can save significant money on legal fees. You and your spouse can work together on important issues like dividing assets, deciding on child and spousal support, and sorting out child custody.

Uncontested Divorce in Kenmore, NY - Do You Really Need a Lawyer?

If you're in New York and contemplating a divorce, you can obtain an uncontested divorce order in two ways:

  • You can file with your spouse, with or without hiring a divorce attorney.
  • If one spouse files and the other does not respond, the courts can grant an order for an uncontested divorce. A divorce lawyer isn't necessary for this process.

Though hiring a divorce lawyer isn't a requirement for an uncontested divorce, you might still need assistance navigating through the process. That's where Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo comes in. We can provide the support you need when filing for an uncontested divorce.

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