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Divorces are known to be a lengthy and costly process that also takes an emotional toll on a family especially if there are children involved. Dragging the case into court can make it even more stressful and difficult. Such is not the case with divorce mediation. Here at Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo, we proudly offer our services to clients in West Seneca, NY and the surrounding areas.


Why Choose a Mediation Lawyer 

A divorce mediation lawyer reacts as an impartial liaison between the couple, evaluating each side of the case fairly and facilitating negotiations and compromise. We use a mediation process that gets the two parties to work together and come up with solutions that are suitable for everyone. Mediation typically takes far less time than litigation, and is less stressful on you and your family than taking the battle to court. Finally, mediation can save you a lot of money. We charge a flat fee of $2,500, whereas litigation proceedings in New York could cost up to $25,000 and more.
Here at Divorce Mediation Services of Buffalo, we have helped countless couples in West Seneca, NY and the surrounding areas to dissolve their marriages amicably, and we would love to do the same thing for you. Our team is both compassionate and respectful of your situation. Even with mediation, divorce is never easy, but we do everything we can to make it as painless as possible.

Our West Seneca, NY Divorce Mediation Services

Our experienced divorce mediation lawyers can help you with many aspects of the divorce process. As your mediation lawyer, we will help diffuse any situations where tempers flare or disagreements occur. One of our goals is for our clients to leave on good terms with their spouse and with a fair agreement.  Our services includes discussing important issues such as:

  • Child custody and parenting plans
  • Spousal maintenance, alimony and child support
  • Legal separation
  • Uncontested divorce
  • Equitable division of assets
  • Martial Home

Don't let your divorce cost you more time and money than it needs to. Get in touch with Divorce Mediation Services of West Seneca today to speak with a qualified divorce mediator. We would be happy to set up an initial consultation for you and your spouse so that you can learn more about our services and decide if what we offer is right for you and your family. You can call us at 716-400-7286 or contact us online. Save your family the stress of a long, drawn out court divorce and get started with divorce mediation today.


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