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When a couple decides to get a divorce, the process can be daunting, and for good reason. Going to court to have so many decisions decided for you is a stressful event that can result in neither party being very satisfied with the outcome. During a divorce, the very best option is for both of you to sit down and iron out the full agreement that you will bide by. However, hostility and anger often makes this seem like a far-fetched idea. That's where a family mediator comes in.

Family Mediation Sessions

When you decide to go the family mediation route, each of these sessions is mediated by a qualified, impartial third party. The mediator is fully trained in keeping divorcing couples civil during the process and allowing them to have a healthy dialogue about how to divide everything in the divorce.

A family mediator will allow both parties to discuss what they want in the final settlement and to negotiate to make the best settlement for both parties. This will include dividing any existing debts, allocating the assets and settling many of the issues surrounding children.

Family Mediation and Compromises

With a mediator, it will be easier to come up with compromises that can help each party to get more of what they want from the settlement. While each party may go into the sessions wanting more than they end up getting, mediation can allow them to give up things they don't want as much in order to make the gains that really count. This results in decisions that are far more likely to make both parties happy with the agreements than if everything were decided by the court system.

Mediation also saves an enormous amount of money throughout the divorce process. Instead of paying for dozens, or even hundreds, of hours of lawyer fees, the decisions can be made in a safe and calm environment by those who want to see these decisions made and the divorce finalized. Contact Divorce Mediation Services today to learn how we can help you!


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